2004, Bogota; the main city of Colombia, Ronald, Juan Manuel and Juan Carlos joint together to create an electronic project involving music and visuals. Juan Manuel and Ronald, the basist and the guitarrist of Occisor, have been envolving themselfs in electronic stuff since 2000 when they decided to start adding electronic sounds an intros to the Occisor..s songs, then they started an electronic music project mixing live from one computer to the other (battle mix) their own electronic music productions with the visual support of Juan Carlos a digital designer who also mixed live his own digital art, on electronic music parties, bringing together a multiemdia project that rapidly started to be reconigze in the electro scene in Bogota. In 2005 Ronald goes to Germany and play in some gigs in Berlin, knowing the local scene, producers, and Dj..s. Then In january 2006 goes back to Colombia to play in the festival Bogotrax for a second year consecutive, make some recordings and prepare to move to Berlin as a new home base, where is living, working and playing nowadays. The collective now works in a internet basis developing and interchanging musik and media.During 2007 and 2008 JuanManuel moves to Maracaibo, Venezuela where he is living and making music whit the lokal D&B scene. Also the X-tractor project starts (www.x-tractor.org) making parties and events in Berlin; also starting the Net Label on the web site. In february 2009 the net label becomes also a record label making the first release for S.T.H. on X-tractor record label which had a very good feedback from the lokal escenes in Colombia, Venezuela and Berlin. This releaseis aviable on Toolbox record and Praxis. During the las two years Juan Manuel came back to Colombia where he continued to work and play on the fast growing lokal escene in Bogotá and South America while Ronald finished with succes his studies as Audio Engineer in the SAE Berlin and cotinued working and playing not only in Berlin but also in countries like Spain and  Latvia. Also S.T.H. makes releases for  Tacuara arts&media and NKS International and hardworking producing and learning. The sound of Straight To Hell (S.T.H.) cannot be put into an only tendency of the electronic music. Althogh they focus on D&B they bring many tendencies of music toghether. "We like to experiment using alot our influences during many years of playing and hearing all kinds of music. FUCK YOUR CORPORATE GREEDY WAR!!!!


"Colombian-german producers S.T.H. are focused on drum'n'bass but they like to experiment using all of their musical influences.


They started playing in Colombia in the metal band Occisor and decided to create in 2004 an electronic project involving music and visuals.

They released few tracks on their own label X-Tractor and here is now a 6 tracks NKS ep - urban, dark and corrosive, bringing us to trance for Evil's sake. So delicious !"

Otto Psy [NKS International]